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Nature in Oberdrauburg

Oberdrauburger valley ground

The Oberdrauburger valley ground forms a well-balanced symbiosis between crop lands and natural river land. The valley grounds by the river Drau offers a well opened travelling net and cycle track net, far away from traffic.

The agriculturally used surfaces the extensive valley ground of the Drau and the lukewarm ponds are a natural retreat area for many rare botanical species and animal species.

Woods in and all around Oberdrauburg

Nearly one third of the municipal area of Oberdrauburg is covered with natural woods. Besides the Auwälder in the valley river basin, mixed forests predominate the surrounding hills and mountains.

On hot days the woods protect against the high temperatures and offer the ideal surrounding for vast hikes and walks to discover in complete silence to discover the local animals. Even if the giant trees and the forest landscapes seem primeval and scary, the woods are still a very sensitive ecosystem.

Care about the animal and nature world when discovering the woods.

Mountain world all around Oberdrauburg

The Drautal forms the dividing line between the lime formations situated in the south of the Lienzer Dolomites and Gailtaler Alps and the Kreuzeckgruppe situated to the north geologically which is formed mainly by mica schist and whose summits rise up to 2800 m.

On the meadow under the gruff rock formations our farmers let the cattle gaze during the summer months. From the milk they produce alp cheese, butter and other tasty milk products on site, giving you the chance to try some of these specialties. Well marked footpaths give you the chance to reach the mountains up to their summits, on about 2700 m hight. Overnight sleeping possibilities and food places are to be found in the chalets.

Water worlds of Oberdrauburg

Countless unobstructed mountain streams fight their way through the mountains and become waterfalls in the valley and are most worth discovering.

The river Drau is the lifeline of the Drau Valley. It was used as a transport and transfer route to lower Carinthia and Slovenia, at that stage the Plätte was used. Today this tradition has been born again, so you can experience a daytrip with the Plätte.

Thanks to the high water goodness the Drau has lots of different fishes. Numerous bicycle routes and walking routes offer the possibility to discover the River Drau.