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Worth seeing in Oberdrauburg


The Trögerwandhöhlen lie to the west of Oberdrauburg and fascinates by its size and the miraculous colour shadings of the cave walls. Besides, from height you will have a wonderful sight of the at the Tyrolean's gate and the Lienzer valley ground.

Bear's waterfall in mountain Zwickenberg

The bear's waterfall lies northeast of the village mountain Zwickenberg, approx. 1040 m above the level of sea. The brook falls from approx. 20-m height in the depth. The narrow river and the chilly water also donate pleasant cooling on hot days. The almost rain forest-like scenery is given by the high air humidity.

Starting from the church on mountain Zwickenberg you walk in the direction of Strieden. After about 400 m turn right past the chapel and walk in the direction of the Tobelgraben. Shortly before the so-called hole farmers you follow to the left up to the Tobelbachbrücke. Immediately before the bridge you leave the way and follow a forest steep path which leads to the Tobelbaches.  Along the marked path take into the woods, be careful the path is covered in moist foliage.


The Silberbachfall is located south of Oberdrauburg and is a popular hiking trail during hot days. The water falls down more than 50 m through the narrow gulch and on and on the water digs into the lime rock.

Starting from Oberdrauburg the walk will take you over the Bridge Draubrücke and along Gailbergstrasse and leads towards south. Shortly after the swimming-pool entrance, turn right from the Gailbergstrasse in direction of Stöcklmühle. Before the brook bridge of the Silberbachfall follow the way south. Pass the Manhart saw and after about 200 m to the south of the saw, a narrow steep path leads above the Silberbachfall up to a bench from where you can enjoy a marvellous view. For some adventure walk up the brook bed of the small river and reach the beginning of the waterfall.

Of Pirkacher mills

The Pirkacher river arises in the Lienzer Dolomites and flows into the Drau. In its lower course it immerses itself deeply in mountain slopes and cliff faces.. This has led to miraculous scenery phenomena: There are cascades, water pools with transparently clear, calcareous water and immense rock falls. On the edge of the brook were originally four mills by which meanwhile two have been restored and are fully functioning. They fit harmoniously to the scenery, so that the impression of a dreamy, romantic natural idyl originates.